vendredi 9 mars 2012

"Anti-white racism"

"Anti-white racism" is an oxymoron.
Anti-white racism makes no sense.
In our societies (Europe, Americas, Africa), since it was invented, racism has always been a synonym of white supremacy.
Europeans invented the idea of race for that very purpose.
To talk about "anti-white racism" can have a meaning only in situations where individuals of other "races" than "white" exert a limited power over a limited space.
In other words, as long as we haven't gotten rid of the domination of "the white man", we will be stuck with racism as it was meant to be by those same "whites".
To be white, one has to adopt the dominant state of mind, to be black, one has to accept to adopt the word, and the attached history and meaning.
It is everyone's right, and even duty, to reject this system of thought, this defining and identifying system. No one is forced to accept, though in some societies, "race" is so strongly and institutionally enforced, that it becomes difficult and complicated to dismiss it.
One can come closer to others when one witnesses rejection. "Gregarious instinct" or obvious rejection often stem from subsequent and repeated rejection that pushes people to renounce trying to approach others, not from "anti-white racism". 

Otherwise, there is pure and simple stupidity. And that is difficult to overcome...

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