mercredi 6 mars 2013

Who are they kidding? / De qui se moquent-ils ?

La première fois que j'ai vu ça, j'ai éclaté de rire. Non, franchement, c'était tellement ridicule. Comment réagir autrement ? Enfin, bon, un raciste réagirait autrement. Il dirait probablement: "tiens, vous voyez, on vous l'avait bien dit qu'ils étaient blancs". 
Puis, évidemment, la réflexion a repris son cours, et là, je me suis dit: "ces gens-là n'abandonnent jamais, même devant l'évidence". Un raciste pourrait vous soutenir mordicus qu'il n'a pas de nez, si cela sert ses intérêts.

The first time I saw this, I burst out laughing. I mean, this was so hilarious, so ridiculous. How could one react otherwise. Well, I guess racists could, they probably would go: "see, we told you they were white".
After enjoying the moment, I started observing and thinking. So this is the new thing. These people never give up, even facing the obvious. I can very well imagine a racist telling me that what he has in the middle of his face is not a nose, as long as it seems to serve his interests.

Donc, ces gens-là en sont à essayer de nous faire croire que parce que l'ordinateur l'a sorti comme ça, c'est parce qu'il avait cette tête-là. La preuve par le logiciel ! Sauf que les logiciels sont faits par des hommes qui ont leurs préjugés... La seule chose qu'ils ont eu du mal à changer, c'est le crâne. Ben oui, c'est de l'os. Trop dur à modifier. Le cartilage, c'est plus facile. Encore que, ils ont quand même pas mal applati le menton.

So these people now try to make us believe that he looked like this because the computer says so. Software-proved ! Except that software is man-made and therefore biased. The only thing they didn't manage to change was the skull. To hard, too much bone. Cartilage is easier. And yet, what about the chin? It's obvious on the mummy's picture that his was longer than that.

Si vous voulez comparer avec la tête de la mommie de Tut Ankh Amon, je vous laisse y aller, sur internet. Moi, je trouve que les corps des gens doivent rester là où leur famille les avaient mis: dans leur cercueil. Cette obsession maladive de possession jusqu'à aller voir dedans me rend malade. 
D'ailleurs, comment ce fait-il que cela poserait un problème si des Africains décidaient qu'ils allaient voir ce qui se passe dans les cercueils des rois et reines européens, mais les Européens peuvent faire ça aux leurs ? Et ils doivent l'accepter ? C'est le racisme qui permet ce genre de comportements.

If you want to compare with Tut Ankh Amun's mumy's head, I'll let you do that on the net. I personally think that people's bodies must stay were their families put them: in their tomb or casket. This sick obsession that consists in wanting to possess everything to the point of looking inside corpses makes me sick.
By the way, how come it is not a problem for them to do this, but if by chance a bunch of Africans decided they want to know what's inside European kings and queens' tombs, Europeans wouldn't let them ? Racism allows this type of behavior.

Tut Ankh Amon était africain. ça les embêtent beaucoup. 
Tut Ankh Amun was african, and that bothers them a lot.

L'Egypte est en Afrique, ça aussi ça les embête, mais il ne pourront pas le changer. C'est comme le nez au milieu de la figure.

Egypt is in Africa, that bothers them too, but they won't be able to change that. It's like the nose in the middle of their face.

Allez, on se marre encore un petit coup avant de partir. C'est pathétique, pathétique. Le racisme rend pathétique. 
Let's have a good laugh before we go. This is just so pathetic... That's what racism does.

One of the many sites that spreads the lie about that dynasty.

Regardez-moi ça !
Look at that !

La reine Tyie, sa grand-mère: 
Queen Tyie, his grand-mother: 

Je connais une Camerounaise qui lui ressemble comme deux gouttes d'eau. Mais, en 1993, j'ai lu dans Le Nouvel Observateur une égyptologiste française qui disait: "elle était leucoderme". Apparemment sa peau foncée ne faisait que refléter son statut de reine ! (Je me demande bien ce qu'on fait de ses traits qui sont -quand même- *un peu* africains...)

I know a Cameroonian woman who looks just like her. But, I read some French female egyptologist (supposedly an expert) back in 1993 who said that "Queen Tyie was a leucoderm". Apparently her appearance on all the images we have of her is "due to her status, that why she was represented with dark/black skin". (I wonder what we are supposed to think of her facial features which look *a little bit* African...)

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  1. Have you seen this statue of Tut at the Cairo Museum?

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  2. Hi Oswald. The link you posted is a link to a google images page, so it doesn't show a specific statue. Can you repost a link that goes directly to the statue you're referring to ? Thanks.

    1. Hi Cornlia, I was referring to the full sized statue painted jet black. It is part of a pair of Ka statues meant tho represent him in the afterlife. Here's a website trying to explain this 'strange' color choice.

    2. Hi Oswald. Thanks so much for this info. This part below in particular is a confirmation to me that the self-proclaimed "white" "elites" in my civilization have stolen and destroyed (violated, raped and abused) mummies and the Egyptian statuary for more that the reason of greed. This is the deepest and gravest violation of all and is the true reflection of how racism is a direct attack on life, because it targets people's lives even in their death... where they can't defend themselves physically. It is an attempt at destroying their soul/anima/ Ka in this case. It confirms to me how racism (white supremacy) is the negation of nature and life. It expresses itself "physically" in the obstination to use nuclear power as a "provider of energy" (but of course needed to produce weapons that have a direct impact on DNA).

      "Ka Statues: The ancient Egyptians believed that the ka of a person first comes into existence at one’s birth; when the ram-headed god Khnum, who was fashioning human beings on a pottery wheel, was responsible for creating two identical figures: the body and a spiritual copy that is the ka. After death, it continues to represent his identity so long as it has an exact image of the deceased. Therefore, the ka needed a permanent domicile in the form of either a mummy or a statue replacing the mummy in case the original corpse disappeared or got damaged. However, the inscriptions on the kilts of the statues are clarifying that only one of them was made for the Ka that is the one with the ‘fnt headdress". "

    3. Hi Cornlia, nice to hear from you, I thought you might have lost interest in your blog shortly after you asked me to come up with a new link to Tut's Ka statues. Whenever clearly black individuals are identified they are called guards or mercenaries. The funny thing about that is the fact that everyone agrees that Egyptian Civilization started in Upper Egypt on the Nubian border., the earliest Pharaohs (Ka, Narmer/Menes and Hor-Aha ) all came from that region called Nekhen or Hierakonpolis The Qustul incense burner shows that Nubians were using the same iconography as the Egyptians. One of the explanations for that is that they were merely copying Egyptians. I find one of the explanations for the temples at Abu Simbel, in Nubia, strange. According to that explanation, they were built to impress and intimidate the Nubians. All histories that I'm aware of indicate that such things are built in places deemed important to the victor such as the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.

    4. (My reply was in the wrong spot earlier)
      Hi Oswald, this made me think of this anecdote a guest at the South Carolina PBS show "For the People" told years ago (late 90s). He said that a guide working at one of those places in Egypt that still has statues of this type (maybe these ones exactly) once a short conversation with an old woman from the US who was about to enter a room whose entrance was framed by two such dark-skinned statues. She said "they were not black, were they?" The guide: "Of course, they were". The old tourist: "No, that's not possible, I can't BELIEVE that". (capitals mine)...
      This says it all...