samedi 16 mars 2013

Renouncing "race" ? Where would it lead us ?

Renouncing race means death for racists. They live through their racial identity. 

The only people who cannot live without it are them.

Which brings me to ask this question: why on earth doesn't the rest of us renounce it ? 
Why do so many of us continue to define ourselves through its prism ? 

If we renounced it, we would bring about the worst catastrophe racists fear. 

It would mean that they have no more relevance, no more power in human relationships. 

Their mere existence as social beings would cease. They would have to reconstruct themselves, and, most important, they would have to leave the rest of us alone. 

If we ignore them, what power do they have left ? 
If we tell them that we don't want of their vision of the world, what are they going to do ? Force us ? 

They have already, for centuries. 

Isn't it time we realized "race" hasn't served this world one bit of positivity ?

So where would renouncing "race" lead us ?

Not where we are now !

(disclaimer: renouncing "race" doesn't mean ignoring its dire effects on this planet and its human societies. On the contrary, it means studying "race" as a fact (not a truth or a biological reality) to decipher its implications in all domains of social life.

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