mardi 22 octobre 2013

"Black slaves"

They were not "slaves". They were Africans, lived on the African continent, were deported by Europeans -mostly- to the Americas, but also to Europe and other places.

There were "slaves" only in the mind of the slavers. It wasn't their nature, it wasn't their culture.

They were not "black". Their skin was dark, they defined and designated themselves and each other in various and different manners, which didn't have much to do with physical appearance, or skin color.

They were "black" only in the mind of those who designated themselves and others (but not all, depending on the benefit they got from it) who looked like them as "whites".

They were not "slaves" or "black" when they left their house, their country, their people, their family.

They were men and women, children and parents.

History books must stop spreading that idea that they were slaves while they are referring to free Africans.

Children must not learn that Africans were supposedly "black slaves" by "nature" or by "culture".

In the same way as today Africans who migrate to Europe are deemed "clandestine" even before they have left the shores of Africa or their village or city. They are not "clandestine" and don't want to be.

Racist ignominy must be denounced and must cease. It has been going on for too long.

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