mercredi 4 mars 2015

Race thinking and gun owning: two symptoms of the same disease

They don't want to abandon it.

their gun
their race

They think it's useful.

They think it's freedom.

They couldn't be further from reality.

Guns have never helped anyone stay alive. They are meant to kill and to bring their makers money. They were and are a perfect genocidal weapon during the Frontier era and now in the inner cities of the US. The dark-skinned and poor populations use them against themselves. It's massive scale suicide under the guise of freedom.

Race has never helped societies get better. It was meant to separate and kill the humanity in us. It was meant first to make money through its enforcement in slave laws like the Black Codes (Le Code Noir in France), among others. The belief in race perpetuates racism because it is what fuels it...

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