vendredi 20 avril 2012

The Imposture of the Caucasian

How many people from the USA and the UK have ever traveled to the Caucasus ?

Oh, so few ? How come ? They're supposed to be Caucasians, right ? Why not go visit their ancestors' place ?

Oh, well, then maybe they know. They know that their ancestors actually have nothing to do with the Caucasus.

They know that the "Caucasian" is just another racist imposture, a lie and a voluntary confusion of facts.

The Caucasians were a people of warriors and horsemen, they have a recent history of fighting the northern invader, Russia. That's another "white" people, isn't it ? With plenty of racists there who despise the people of the Caucasus (the real Caucasians) and treat them like n...s... Yes !

The Caucasian women used to be the slaves that are pictured in the wonderful Harem paintings of the 18th century of the Ottoman Empire and the prostitutes that pleased the European man in the brothels of the Mediterranean in the same century.

In one the ideological twists that is the secret of racism, they were "admired" (as whores are) for the "brightness" of their skin and the "blush" on their cheeks. That's maybe why the racists thought "Caucasian" would be a good reference for "whiteness" (I still have to dig into that). Out of pure fantasy.

Most Caucasians are also Muslims (like the Chechens) or worship other deities, like the Sun. But that, Americans don't know. They allow the law to call them Caucasians. Without even knowing what it refers to.

That is a very strange way to build one's identity.

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