dimanche 1 avril 2012

Trayvon Martin, race and bullying in the USA

The fact that George Zimmermann hasn't been tried, not even arrested, 
that millions of people have protested it, 
that some portions of the American population are after Trayvon Martin's memory 
instead of after Zimmermann's wrongdoings and calling for the law to be applied says a lot about the state of things in the USA.

It is what we call "un dialogue de sourds" in French and looks very much like what happens in "bullying": the victim becomes the accused. 

Most African-Americans find it increasingly difficult to exchange with most European Americans because the latter never listen to the former.

They never listen because their thinking has been formatted so that they can't hear what "Blacks" say and have to say. 
They have been formatted to despise anything coming from their dark-skinned fellow-citizens. They are so sure of themselves that they accept even the most hideous lies from the most hideously racist portions of American society.

Zimmermann's defense has started as lies, continues in the form of lies, and will hopefully not end up as lies, because it would mean that the country and its laws have completely failed the victim. It would mean that they have helped the murderer look like a victim. That they have been manipulated into crushing the victim.

Is America really fighting against bullying ? Because this is bullying:
I beat you, I killed you, but you were looking for it, you were the one guilty of something, you were not trustworthy, and I will move the spotlight from me to you. 
You will be accused and you will have to defend yourself, even if you're already dead. 
You will even be accused of defending yourself. 
People will start losing trust in you. They won't be as confident anymore in the belief they had that you were an innocent child. 
They will start thinking maybe there was a reason ? Maybe HE did something. 

That is how Narcissistic Personality Disorder works. 

That is how individuals with a narcissistic personality disorder CRUSH their victims even after they are dead (often they have pushed them to suicide, and they kill them another time by destroying their personality in other people's eyes). 

What is a racist if not an extremely deranged person with an extremely high narcissistic image of him/herself ? 
Spreading destruction, self-hatred and lack of confidence around him/herself.

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